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Tailored financial solutions for all your local banking needs

Bradley Edwards & Assocites provides proactive and creative solutions to mortgage questions with your local Hungarian bank. Saving our clients time and money.

    Many foreign investors that bought properties in Hungary with a mortgage are frustrated about how things have developed with their local financing bank. Not only has the market turned against them, they are also confused with their banks' statements, communication problems and legal proceedings. Bradley provides proactive and creative solutions to mortgage questions with your local Hungarian bank. Saving our clients time and money.


   If you are in a similar situation what Bradley can do for you - which is what we do for all of our clients - is to assist you on the ground with highly qualified staff who know the end and outs of the Hungarian Banking sector especially as it effects foreign property investors.


   For our property management clients Bradley provides advice to avoid unnecessary liens, banking fees and in the most extreme cases foreclosure. Allow Bradley to take up the slack with proactive communication between you and the Hungarian Mortgage Bank in question.


   Bradley has the solution to your Hungarian mortgage question Bradley operates and the eyes and ears of our clients in every aspect of the Hungarian real estate market and dealing with local lending institutions is not except.  Even as many of the instructions are foreign owned and operated even getting statements in English - or any second language - can be a challenge. Bradley cares for the needs of its clients where these intuitions sometimes have failings e.g. local language assistance, translation of statements and consistent focus on our clients financial needs.


Though Bradley is a locally domiciled property management company, we operate at an international

level especially when it comes ensuring that our clients receive the best financial service possible.


   Another example where Bradley will go the extra mile is, provided with the proper and bank approved Power of Attorney (PoA) Bradley staff will personally go to your Hungarian bank and find out about the status of your mortgage or other Hungarian banking questions. In terms of your options it is essential to determine what is the current situation, what the next deadlines are, which department of the bank is involved and who to consult in the case of an emergency.


   After doing the necessary fact finding we can discuss your possibilities. If it is required we can recommend lawyers with the necessary experience, or we can present your terms/offers to the bank ourselves.


   In case there is a possibility for sale of the property, we can source potential buyers, negotiate terms and present them to the bank for consideration. If all parties involved agree we can arrange the special documentation, settle payments, organize handovers and deal with tenants.


   Bradley has a long, and deep relationships with many Hungarian mortgage banks and what we have found is that while many cases are similar; every case is ultimately unique and may require tailor made solutions.


  Furthermore as a property management firm with an international focus we understand the needs of our clients as well as the framework that the local Hungarian banks are obliged to work within. Furthermore, we can explain this to our clients to ensure that they are aware of the local environment hence ensuring that the best solution is reached for all parties.




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