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I'd like to thank you and the entire Bradley Edwards team for the management of my property in Budapest, not only its rental, but most recently, its successful sale. Your staff has always acted with the highest professional standards by:
---answering my emails quickly
---giving clear explanations regarding rental and sales agreements
---telephoning when it was appropriate to answer my questions or to keep me updated
---keeping me apprised of all showings and their outcomes.
---working as a team to provide a comprehensive service

I appreciated receiving the knowledgeable description of the Hungarian real estate market that enabled me to make the best choices regarding the marketability of my property. This was particularly helpful since understanding the market is vital information that can be difficult to acquire and interpret when you live in another country. Ultimately, the marketing expertise of the Bradley Edwards team proved itself in the quick and profitable sale of my property.

Wishing you and the team all the best,

J. M. (France)

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team at Bradley-Edwards for providing an excellent level of service and support whilst responsible for the management of my properties in the wonderful city of Budapest. Over the years we have been introduced to Enrique, Vince, Franciska, Eva, Orsolya, Vivien and Kinga and all have been both helpful and efficient with regard to their responsibilities. Owning properties in a country other than that of your residence can introduce vulnerability and stress, and it was important to me that I had someone I could trust looking after my business interests in Hungary. The team at Bradley-Edwards fulfilled this role throughout their period of managing my properties, and indeed during their disposal.
To this end the joint venture with OTP Ingatlanpont facilitated an efficient and painless sales process when I decided to dispose of my properties. I am also indebted to Vivien at OTP who managed the sale of my properties with the minimum of fuss.
Thank you once again. It is with some sadness that I no longer have property interests in Budapest, but this will not prevent me from visiting; and if I ever invest in Hungary again I will be getting in touch with Bradley-Edwards.
Best regards
P. M.

I wish to thank the personnel, in the sales department, of Bradley/ Edwards, for their professionalism, in selling my apartment at Lazar Street, Budapest.
I was kept fully informed at all times regarding bids offered, realistic prices, the state of the market etc., but the decision to sell was mine alone. No pressure was brought to bear and I was happy to sell at the offer price.
The company was most diligent in dealing with my solicitor and ensuring that all the necessary regulations were fully complied with to ensure the completion of the sale.
If I had another property for sale, I would have no hesitation in calling on the services of this company to dispose of my property and I want to wish them deserved success in the future.


S. D. (Carlow, Ireland)

Having sold my property, at 7 Lazar Street, Budapest, I want to place on record my satisfaction with Bradley/ Edwards, for managing the apartment for over 6 years ,with professionalism and care.
They took great care in selecting tenants, collecting the agreed rent and ensuring that all service charges were paid on time.
All queries were promptly answered through e-mail and I was kept informed of all the vagaries, rules and regulations of letting property in Budapest.
Detailed quarterly statements, kept me updated on income and expenses, with both currencies used for ease of conversion.
If I was to purchase property again in Budapest, my first visit would be to Bradley/ Edwards, as I trust their professionalism and care.
My only regret is that I didn't use their services from the start, when I first purchased in 2004. It would have saved me a lot of hassle and stress. It's only when you have the experience of a poor management company that you realise the value of Bradley/ Edwards.
I wish the company every success in the future.

S. D. (Carlow, Ireland)

Many Thanks!  You have done a great job here and a result for me. An extra Euro 50 PCM. Plus The Tenant is now paying The Common Cost where as before it was an extra cost for me.  I do intend to be more actively involved in overseeing my apartments and hope to visit Budapest in the next few months.Thanks again for this deal.

C.M. (London, UK)

Dear Bradley Edwards Ltd, Although I don't have a lot of experience with real-estate companies (this is only my third apartment), for me it was reassuring during our cooperation that I always received fast and precise answers. I hereby would like to Thank You for your cooperation and the help that I received from you in order to close the sales and purchase process. Based on my indirect experience (friends, media), the Hungarian real-estate companies can be very different in terms of the quality of their services, that's why for me my positive experience with Bradley&Edwards was a positive surprise . Although during the sales and purchase process I was the Buyer, I never felt any disadvantage despite of the fact that it is the Seller paying the commission. I hope that in the future we will work together again and I can promise you that I will be refering your company to my friends and to people asking my advice.
Thank you for all your help and I wish you a Happy New Year.

D.A. (Budapest, Hungary)

Its not easy being an overseas investor 1000 miles away and we’re greatly reliant on professional people like you. Having you as our agent in Budapest really lessened the anxiety.

P.H. (Kent, UK)

It has been a pleasure to work with you & I've always been impressed at your quick response to my emails.

S. S. (Datchet Berks, UK)


You are a very good professional and every situation we have had to manage has been solved successfully with your help.

R. V., (Valencia, Spain)


Good afternoon,
I hereby confirm the reception of the transfer and would like to Thank You and to all the Bradley, Edwards team for the time that we have worked together, which was very professional and confortable. We wish you a lot of luck for the future.
Best regards

R.P. (Madrid, Spain)


Thank you for the consistently good work you and the Bradley Edwards team have done regarding looking after the maintenance of my flat and also looking after the needs of the tenant. I was very pleased that the tenant decided to renew his tenancy once again. I have been a client of Bradley Edwards for seven years and I have been very impressed by the quality of service and help I have been given. I would certainly recommend Bradley Edwards to others with property to let in Budapest.

C. T. (Dorchester, UK)


Dear Sirs,
I would like to Thank You and the department of B&E for the information. It is very interesting for us. It helps us stay up-to-date and know the situation from qualified Hungarian professionals.
Again, thank you very much.

J.A. ( Galícia, Spain)


To whom it may concern, Bradley, Edwards and Associates have been managing our apartment in Budapest for several years now and I have nothing but praise for the service.They are always efficient and helpful. Our Property Managment contact always responds straight away to our emails and has been a mavellous source of advice for us. I do not hesitate to highly recommend them.

A. C. (Hertfordshire, UK)


Dear Sirs,
Although the market is difficult but Your work is very professional. Thank you and these are amazing news. The truth is that I have worked with your company for one year and it has been the best decision of my life.
Warm regards,

R.F.D. (Madrid, Spain )


I purchased a studio flat in Budapest several years ago. I let the flat through an agent and as time went by I became more and more unhappy with the service they were providing. Most importantly I did not trust them. Some of their financial statements were hard to understand and sometimes contained "mistakes" that were to their benefit. They were basically stealing money from me and they had various ways of doing this. In the end I changed over to Bradley Edwards and pleased to say that I can recommend them. They are good at getting tenants and liaising with the landlord. The statements are easy to understand. The staff are helpful and I trust them. This is especially important with an overseas property. I am happy to recommend them without reservation.

J. S., (Croydon, UK)


To Whom It Concerns, It is a pleasure for me to recommend Bradley-Edwards, as a management company for looking after property in Hungary. I changed from Txxxr Management a number of years ago, as my property was totally mismanaged, and I was compelled to travel to Budapest to sort out the difficulties. In a difficult time for the property market, it is vital that your management company is on your side. Bradley- Edwards is such a company most helpful and understanding.

S. D. (Carlow, Ireland)

Thank you very much for everything you have done in relation to the sale and completion of my apartments. I found your service to be courteous, efficient and professional.  One of the most important issues is good communication and this is where I was really pleased, with a complete up to date picture of where we were in the process at all times. Many investors have had difficulty finding buyers for their apartments and when they do the process is sometimes arduous, complicated and disappointing.  This has certainly not been the case with you personally and Bradley &  Edwards. My colleagues and I are more than happy to give you a reference now and at any stage in the future.  Thank you again for all your good work.
Best regards

J. M. (Ashbourne, UK)


Just a quick mail to thank you for all your help in selling E-4-4 in Sun palace , your help has been much appreciated.

A. O. (Kildare, Ireland)


You are an amazing company. I haven't even sent the email and I already have the answer.
Thank you and warm regards
Caferpi Inversiones s.l

C.F. (Barcelona, Spain)


To Whom it May Concern:
I purchased my property in Budapest at the exclusive “ Avenue Gardens” project and have entrusted Bradley, Edward and Associates with the management since May, 2009. At present I have a diplomat from Spanish Embassy in Budapest as my tenant – BEA arranged all aspects of the letting of the property from finding the tenant, collecting rent/ utilities and liaising on various technical issues. As I am a property investor not domiciled in Hungary I depend upon BEA to ensure that all aspects of my investment are looked after; while maximizing rental income. BEA has a clearly defined fee schedule, payments are made on a quarterly basis to my bank account and I have a dedicated property manager with in- depth knowledge of my property and the development it is in. I would recommend Bradley, Edwards and Associates to any residential property investor seeking professional management services.

S. K. (Amsterdam, Holland)


We are very Thankful for your asssitance.
We send you our warm regards and we wish you a happy summer.

J.M.D.H. (Barcelona, Spain)


Just a short note to thank you for all that you have done. Truly, you have delivered everything you said you would. True professionals and stellar costumer service. This is becoming rare commodity in any part of the world, and I have  worked on four continents. Much appreciated,

Z. S. (Istanbul, Turkey)


First, let me say that I TOTALLY AGREE with the attached document and with the utility calculation -  I find the deatils in it totally correct and transparent. Thank you for the clarification and for your work. It is really important that things are done correctly. Congratulations my friend.

J.A.P.G. ( Bilbao, Spain)


Regarding your work with the Electricity and Water company, I find your work EXCELLENT! FANTASTIC! Thank you for your management and for defined responsabilities of each party.
Thank you for your arrangements.

J.A.P.G. (Bilbao, Spain)


Thank you for your help and effort which no doubt is protecting our interests. Warm regards.

J.A.L.S. ( Madrid, Spain)


Thank you for keeping us informed. We must compliment you on your personal service!!

M. B. (Beaumont, Dublin,Ireland)


Many thanks for coming to meet us in the Hotel Continental Zara last Thursday and taking us to see our apartment. It is very assuring to see that the tenants (plus cat) are all happy and that the apartment is in good condition. Aileen and I had a lovely break in Budapest but the highlight of the trip was meeting you. Hope to see you again in the near future. Take care and have a lovely Xmas and New Year.
Kind regards,

A.R., (Ceredigion, UK)


We have been hoodwinked and royally ripped off but we have learnt our lesson and look forward to coming back on board with you guys. Thanks for your continued support and assistance.
Kind regards

P.H. (Petts Wood, Kent)


That is amazing customer service. Regards,

R. R. (Surrey, UK)


Thanks for the mail. We allways have had nice contacts with your best advise. I am very happy CE has found potential tenant now. I will thanks you  very much for our nice contact and your advise. I really hope that next time you can rent it out for me. Thanks and kind regards,

J. M. (UK)


Excellent news !! The first good news in along time. I will have to open the champagne now, and toast our good luck,and your good work.

M. W. (Co. Mayo, Ireland)


Thanks to you for conluding a successful sale!
To whom it may concern. Bradley - Edwards have been managing my property at Fo u. 19 since 2010. I purchased the investment in 2004,and while initially rents obtained by the previous Agent were stable,after 2008 rents collapsed and the property was vacant for a year. I visited Bradley-Edwards in 2010 who gave me a realistic assesment of the situation. I have found the company effecient,honest,and responsive,and it was comforting for me to know that my Budapest property was being handled by professionals. When I sold the property this year the company did not encourage me to go for a "quick sale", but to hold out for the best price in the current climate.I would have no hesitation in recommending Robert Beck and his team at Bradley-Edwards.

B. C. (Dublin, Ireland)


We are very happy with the service now offered by Bradley Edwards & Associates for the prompt and efficient way in which you dealt with our queries from time to time. We also like your new statements which are much easier to follow and much better than the ones that the company used to produce.  Providing copies of invoices with the quarterly statement is also a welcome improvement.

S. F. (Hertpordshire, UK)


We have recently closed the sale of our apartment  E202  in the Sun Palace complex. We retained the services of Bradley-Edwards for both flat management and sale. We found their efficeincy and communication faultless. They also recommended a solicitor in Budapest to handle our legal issues and act as our proxy during the sale. They were also extremely efficient and we were kept well informed of progress. We feel that Bradley Edwards got us the best sale price on our apartment so we would like to thank them for their assistance in this matter. We would have no hesitation in recommending Bradley Edwards to anyone considering flat management or sale. Regards,

G. O. (Dublin, Ireland)


Phil and I are quite happy with our previous instructions for you to sell C65 & C78, and would confirm again that we are also happy with the service that Bradley Edwards offer.

J. W. (Dunnington, York)


...Both Annette & I are  confident that you are looking after our property & associtaed matters, to our satifaction. Yours sincerely,

B. R. (Kent, UK)


We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your assistance and communication which is far superior to our last flat management company and we are very grateful for this. This is additionally helpful when not speaking Hungarian. As regards the furniture we have no idea what to do, is it possible that someone in need or a charity would benefit from it.

G. O., (Dublin, Ireland)


Just to let you know we have recieved the bank transfer. We would like to thank you and everyone at Bradley Edwards for their attention to detail and keeping us up to date with proceedings at every step of the selling transaction.
Thank You,

G. O. (Dublin, Ireland)


I appreciate the proffesional way you you conduct the business of BEA thanks.

P. W. (Co. Mayo, Ireland)


Dear Bradley Edwards,
I would like to Thank You for your exceptional support, communication and flexibility. It was a pleasue to look for an apartment with you.
Best regards,

Sz.B. (Budapest, Hungary)


Great result from today's meeting. Thanks for your assistance and advice throughout this whole process. As usual Bradley Edwards provided a completely independent and professional service . I hope this development will help us achieve real rental potential for the future. Thanks again.

F. M. (Dublin, Ireland)


Just a quick note to say many thanks for the inclusion of your new report.  A very useful and welcome additon to BEA's services. ... As a landlord, this information is invaluable.  I look forward to reading more reports in due course.
Kind regards,

G.R. (UK)


You are very kind, I will recommend your Company if somebody in Spain would like to buy or rent something in Budapest.

A.P. ( Madrid, Spain)


…I want to really thank you for all your help, you have been very kind and I will be recommending you and your company's service for other upcoming students.
Best regards,

P. H.(Sarina, Ontario)


…We are still happy that we found such a good and trustworthy Rental-Company.
Kind Regards,

M. G. (Dublin, Ireland)


Once again,  many thanks for your efforts,  I have been very impressed with the professionalism and service you have offered and will have no hesitation in contacting you in the future. Kind Regards,

T.A. (USA)


Thank you very much for replying in such a short notice, I appreciate that I can talk to someone directly rather than surfing through your company website myself. Thanks again for your help and I will talk to you soon.

P. H. (Sarina, Ontario)


I invested in 2 apartments in Budapest in 2004, one new and one secondhand. The market has not developed as was invisaged but I have been lucky that I appointed Bradley Edwards as Managment company for both my apartments. They have kept my apartments occupied in the difficult market environment for over 90% of the time. I did not have a good experience with the Real estate company who sold me the apartments in 2004, but I have found a consistency and relaibility dealing with BE which is very reassuring,  espeically given that I am only able to visit Hungary once every two years or so. Let me know if this works. I would appreciate if you could take a quick look at my brothers apartment, it has been empty over 6 months and the costs are running up on it. Perhaps they should drop the rental they are requesting?

B. M. (Westmeath, Ireland)


Dear Sir/ Madam, I have been using Bradley Edwards and Associates for several years now. They manage two properties which I own in Budapest, a one bedroom apartment in District 13 which is currently let for 1 year and two bedroom apartment in District 7 which they are currently organising to have a kitchen fitted and also furnished. I have found the company to be helpful and to keep me up to date on my apartments. Unfortunately, due to the difficult market, I have been unable to sell either apartment but Bradley Edwards have managed all aspects of the rental very professionally. This included a difficult tenant in one apartment. The company was able to manage the pursuit of rent arrears, removal of the tenant and cleaning and changing the locks and then getting a new tenant on a one year lease. When I visited Budapest last year, I met the Property Management Representatives at the Bradley Edwards Office in central Budapest. This allowed me to make sue the company was legitimate and put a face to the names I had been emailing. I have found their advice to be helpful and their accounting and management to be accurate, a clear statement is provided on a regular basis. When furnishing the one bedroom apartment I shopped around to find the most competitive deal but in the end, the suppliers for Bradley Edwards were able to provide a competitive quote and when I visited the apartment I was very pleased with the standard of finish.  Everything had been provided that allowed us to stay in the apartment for 1 week and get it let shortly after. I would have no hesitation in recommending Bradley Edwards as a management company in Budapest. Yours faithfully,

J. M. (Belfast, Ireland)


To whom it may concern, This testimonial is to the services of Bradley Edwards and Associates  management and representatives of this real estate sales and letting company. I can not recommend them enough, professionalism, knowledge aand client care are of the highest standards. I fully trust this company in the handling on my two apartments in district IV, Budapest, Hungary. I am a UK citizen and need the support and services of a top real estate agency, which they are, being thousands of miles away. Unfortunately, when I purchased investment property off plan in 2007-2008, pricing was quite high, rental yields have materialised to be be low against underlying, financing costs on mortgage BTL and LTV levels. The experience has been costly for sure. I have confidence in Bradley Edwards, nothing is too much trouble, they are insightful and honest with me, which is paramount. Since leaving the services of Txxxr poperty management, you have become my saviour, organised and competent, giving me piece of mind.

C. I. (Surrey, UK)






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