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…we are committed to protecting the value of your investment and ensuring a smooth handling of all property related issues - thus maintaining your rental yield for the long term.

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Who we are?



Bradley, Edwards & Associates Ltd. is a real estate advisory firm based in Budapest, assisting and advising both private and professional investors making investments in Hungary. In addition to our core activity of property sales, we also offer our clients a complete package of property related services including: property management, property furnishing, tax advice as well as mortgage assistance for our clients.

As Property Managers, our aim is to complement our clients' investment objectives by enhancing the rental yield where possible and ensuring their investment is well looked after on a day-to-day basis.

Bradley, Edwards is an independent property management company without an ownership interest in any real estate assets. Consequently, our services are provided to clients without an inherent conflict of interest.



Property Rental Activities



Since most of our clients purchase their Hungarian property mainly for investment purposes we have a continuously expanding portfolio of upscale, newly built properties located throughout prime districts of Budapest (Districts III, V, VI, VII, IX and XIII) at competitive prices.
Bradley, Edwards & Associates offers clients

§  the expertise of a professional staff with a high standard of ethics and a track record of sound decision making

§  several years of experience and abundant resources to provide our clients the level of service they require
We consistently maintain high occupancy and retention rates. We enjoy a large referral business from other Realtors and we are also aligned with several major local companies/industries for relocations and term/contract employees

We have been in cooperation among others with large Multinational staff such as Siemens, KPMG, Procter&Gamble and also work with Hungary’s largest recruitment company, Manpower.

Driven from our Off-Plan Property Sales activity - our Property Management Division specializes in new or relatively new apartments and we typically manage at least 5 units in any building that we opperate in. This enables us to use our resources more efficiently with regards to apartment supervision, dealing with tenant requests, handling facility management issues and technical problems. Last but not least, this allows the use of more efficient marketing when placing these units to good quality tenants


We have a wide selection of properties for:

Corporate lettings and relocation

§ Turn-key fully furnished / serviced apartments and apartment-hotels

§ Cost effective accommodation alternative(s) to hotel rooms

§Locations offering easy access to the City’s business areas and public transportation. Along with onsite parking

§ Our rentals make you feel at home, so you can entertain clients and friends, work from home or just relax after a long day

Holiday and vacation rentals

§ Affordable short-term vacation rentals in the heart of Budapest

§ Perfect for those who desire more comfort on your vacation than what a hotel room provides

§ Fully serviced to enable you to enjoy your stay without having to concern yourself with cleaning, linen and utilities. All this is included within the rates so that you can relax and enjoy your stay.



Student accomodation



Our accommodation options include upmarket as well as lower priced residences catering to a wide range of student preferences, requirements and budgets.


§  Excellent access to Budapest’s numerous Universities

§  Brand New, Fully Furnished Units

§  Ideal Study and Living Environment

§  High-speed Internet and cable TV upon request

§  Apartments are available for visiting academics as well


Property Management Services



Our Property Management services include:

•         advertising the availability "for rent" or "for lease" of the premises when vacant;

•         perform viewings to perspective tenants;

•         negotiating leases in accordance with the Owner’s guidelines;

•         executing leases and rental agreements on behalf of the Owner;

•         collecting rents, security deposits, and all other receipts on behalf of the Owner;

•         providing all services necessary for the proper management of the property including periodic inspections, dealing with tenant issues, supervision of maintenance and arranging for such improvements alterations and repairs as may be required by the Owner;

•         acting as the Management Firm for the Owner in hiring, supervising and discharging all independent contractors required in the operation and maintenance of the property;

•         tendering and contracting for repairs or alterations as needed;

•         contracting for any emergency repairs;

•         paying from gross receipts all operating expenses and such other expenses as may be due by the Owner;

•         maintaining accurate records of all money received and disbursed in connection with the management of the property.


Property Furnishing



Beside our day-to-day property management activities we also supply contemporary furnishings of the quality and standard to quickly rent the property long-term. We provide individual items and flexible packages ensuring our solutions are within your budget. Our aim is to provide a complete property furnishing service - right down to the last teaspoon!  Our service includes budgeting, purchasing, delivery, assembly, installation and cleaning.





Advertising and Marketing Your

Rental Property



Bradley, Edwards & Associates Ltd. works actively with relocation firms and letting agents to rent out your property in the fastest possible manner.  Depending on the property we also work with student organizations to let the flat. 

For the most part we shall market your property to corporate tenants that will enter into leases for at least a year if not longer. In our experience this increases the security and transparency for our clients, while ensuring a long term rental yield.

Any of the properties that we manage will be placed on Hungarian as well we foreign websites dealing with Budapest letting.




Tenant Screening



Paying close attention to who will be occupying your property and the on-going care it receives is o

ne of the most valuable services we perform.

Our property managers have the knowledge and tools to accurately screen and select suitable tenants for your property.

We not only select tenants who are good credit risks, but also people who will coexist peacefully with their neighbours and other tenants.

We provide you with protection through the use of proper lease agreements, deposit forms, late notices and other legal documents.



Accounting and Reporting Services



We provide a full range of clear, concise, accurate reports suited to the owners needs

Security deposit and monthly rents are collected and deposited. Accounting records of all income received, and expense disbursement is provided quarterly and can be customized to suit your individual needs.

All data are stored and managed in our integrated CRM software which streamlines processes, proactively monitors the workflow and all critical dates and information and assures powerful up to moment reporting.



Service fees & conditions



"Taking Over Fees": A one time fee equalling 260 EUR per unit is payable for the processing and check-ups necessary to take possession of a unit newly handed over to Bradley, Edwards & Associates for management. This includes "snagging" associated costs, inventory, utility transfer, liasing with the tenant should there be on, reporting to the owner, assuring the property is delivered as promised, changing the utilities, acquiring insurance contracts, and initiating marketing of the flat.

Management and Rental Fees: Upon signing a new contract for the rental of an apartment, a rental fee equal to 1 month’s rent will be applied for all contracts with a period of 6 months or more.  Additionally, Bradley, Edwards & Associates applies a management fee of 10%+VAT upon each gross collection going forward.

Management Fees Vacant Unit: On a vacant unit 38 EUR per month will be charged, and the owner will be obliged to cover all utility, insurance and communal costs during this period though as required by Hungarian law.

Extraordinary request and payments: Upon special request, Bradley, Edwards and Associates will prepare and send additional information at the expense of Owner. Owner will receive detailed specification of any such charges prior to work commencing.



Contact details


Should you need any further information please contact one of our Property Management Specialists:

We look forward to doing business with you!




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